Brunch With Chef Cisero

Went to a brunch, but wasn't expecting to shoot anything. Ended up using my iPhone to shoot this!
May 6, 2018/by Rouk

The Burgundian Coffee & Waffles Kickstarter Campaign

The Burgundian Coffee & Waffles Kickstarter campaign
April 1, 2018/by Rouk
buns and bites

Story 7: Instagram Buns & Bites @BunsAndBites

I had the pleasure of hangin' with the Buns & Bites ladies…
September 12, 2017/by Rouk

Story 6: Martina Nardo, Owner Of SugarSketch

For story number 6, I got to interview Martina Nardo, the owner of SugarSketch in NYC. Martina's story is one that includes grit and determination, so it's one that I couldn't resist capturing. Enjoy!
May 6, 2017/by Rouk

Experience 7: The NYC Taco Showdown

Seriously, who doesn't like tacos?! The NYC Taco Showdown crowned the best taco in NYC...
April 24, 2017/by Rouk
chef showdown v

Experience 6: Komeeda’s Chef Showdown V

3 chefs, tons of guests, 1 trophy. Who will take home the prize of Chef Showdown V champ?
October 9, 2016/by Rouk
Uncle Mario's pizza in NYC

#EatWithRouk: How Uncle Mario’s Became My Favorite Pizza Joint In NYC

Here's how I found out about Uncle Mario's & why it's my favorite pizza joint in NYC.
September 29, 2016/by Rouk
julia choi give me baby one more bite

Story 5: Julia Choi – Food Stylist & Creator Of “Give Me Baby One More Bite!”

Meet the talented Julia Choi, an NYC-based food stylist and creator of "Give Me Baby One More Bite!" Julia talks about how she got into food styling and gives tons of tips to amateur food stylists.
September 12, 2016/by Rouk
soul truck nyc

Story 4: Chef Tony DeSouza’s Soul Truck

[vc_video link='']


August 27, 2016/by Rouk

Experience 5: 2 Days With Andrew Zurica & Hard Times Sundaes Burger

Two wild days with Andrew Zurica, the owner of Hard Times Sundaes burger joint.
August 22, 2016/by Rouk

Experience 4: The Ocean State BBQ Festival – Providence, RI

The first annual Ocean State BBQ Festival! Huge thank you to all of the participants & vendors.
August 21, 2016/by Rouk
14th Annual Big Apple BBQ NYC 2016 -

Experience 3: The Big Apple BBQ NYC 2016

Longer days, longer nights, harder drinks, more drinks, more friends, & of course the Big Apple Barbecue block party!!
June 28, 2016/by Rouk
NYC Burger Joint

#eatwithrouk: The 2016 NYC Burger Joint Map (Will Update)

I've been to over 30 NYC burger joints in search of the most delicious burgers. Use my map to find a decent burger joint, and scroll down to see my (very) honest opinions of each one.
June 9, 2016/by Rouk

Story 3: Hard Times Sundaes Burger

Meet Andrew Zurica, the chef and owner of the infamous Hard Times Sundaes burger truck and new brick-and-mortar location.
May 3, 2016/by Rouk

Story 2: Summers Juice & Coffee

I'm taking you to California in New York City.... yes, you read that right.
February 16, 2016/by Rouk
Apple Pie Contest at GG's NYC

Experience 2: The Apple Pie Contest At GG’s NYC

Here's what happens when a few apple pie making pros battle for a prize.
January 13, 2016/by Rouk
blind Providence pizza taste test

Experience 1: The Blind (Providence) Pizza Taste Test

This is what you get when you mix friends, pizza, and honest opinions
December 20, 2015/by Rouk
Prince Street Pizza owner Frank

Story 1: Prince Street Pizza & The Pepperoni Square

For my first video (and first time shooting in general), I Interviewed Frank who's the co-owner of Prince Street Pizza. Yes, THE home of the infamous pepperoni square.
December 17, 2015/by Rouk