Experience 7: The NYC Taco Showdown

Seriously, who doesn't like tacos?! The NYC Taco Showdown crowned the best taco in NYC...
chef showdown v

Experience 6: Komeeda's Chef Showdown V

3 chefs, tons of guests, 1 trophy. Who will take home the prize of Chef Showdown V champ?

Experience 5: 2 Days With Andrew Zurica & Hard Times Sundaes Burger

Two wild days with Andrew Zurica, the owner of Hard Times Sundaes burger joint.

Experience 4: The Ocean State BBQ Festival - Providence, RI

The first annual Ocean State BBQ Festival! Huge thank you to all of the participants & vendors.
14th Annual Big Apple BBQ NYC 2016 -

Experience 3: The Big Apple BBQ NYC 2016

Longer days, longer nights, harder drinks, more drinks, more friends, & of course the Big Apple Barbecue block party!!