Story 1: Prince Street Pizza & The Pepperoni Square

Prince Street Pizza owner Frank

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Have you ever had one of those bites? You know the type I’m talking ‘bout. That type when you take a bite and are immediately taken back. You might even have to put the food down for a second just to take in the greatness of what you’re actually eating. Well, that’s what Prince Street Pizza was for me the first time, and still continues to be to this day. outsideprincesplash

 It was a couple of months after I moved to NYC. My brother came home talking ’bout how this slice was the best he ever had in his life. My brother is the toughest food critic I know, so his review had definitely peaked my interest. I did my Yelpwork, went a couple of days later, and ordered the pepperoni square slice. After I got this pizza, sat down, and basked in its greatness, I knew I’d be back on the regular. I have a personal policy of letting people who work at places I go to often know who I am (and you should too, it ALWAYS has its benefits, trust me).

On about my 3rd visit, I knew it was time to strike up some conversation. I saw a man whippin’ up pies like his life depended on it. I had noticed he was there the last time too. This was how I ultimately met Frank, who is the co-owner of Prince DSC_0507Street Pizza. We’d always exchange jokes back and forth, and I would always praise the pepperoni square. I went back and forth about telling y’all this, because I didn’t really want to show favoritism, but f*** that. This is by far my favorite slice in the city as of the time of this writing!

 Fast forward a couple years and hundreds of pepperoni squares consumed. One day I came to Frank and said “Yo Frank, I need a favor!” Frank immediately had that “wtf is he about to ask me for” look on his face. I proceeded.. “I need to interview you! On camera!” with no hesitation he immediately said “Ok! Let’s do it!” we exchanged numbers and found a time that worked.

 On the day of the interview, I was nervous as f***. It was my first time recording anything, it was dark inside, thereDSC_0494 wasn’t much space, and I had no clue what I was actually doing. But after seeing the final product, I was gassed! I was proud! I know every videographer out there is saying something like “Well it sucks because blah blah blah”  and my response to that is I’m learning along the way. If you have a problem with me learning, don’t watch! : )

Anyway, thank you for reading this, and thank you for (hopefully) watching the video. If you have any constructive feedback or comments, I’m all ears and you can find me on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. I also like meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me via my contact page.

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