Nathan Carrabba: Nathan Carrabba (Food Styling)

Nathan is a talented food stylist who talks to us about what his composition tips are, how he uses composition to create an appetizing image, & some general food styling tips that he has picked up along the way.

Jasmine Lukuku: Jasmine Lukuku (.com)

Jasmine specializes in helping small business owners build their brand through strategy & design. She joins us today to talk about Pinterest tips, setting branding guidelines, & marketing strategy.

Marisa Marzipan: Miss Marzipan

Marisa is an art director first & a food photographer second. She joins us to talk about how corporate ad work differs from personal projects, things she has learned about food photography through being an art director, and how she has attracted a large Instagram following.

Samantha Linsell: Drizzle & Dip

Samantha lets us know how she finds food styling jobs, suggestions on how to use color to change the look and feel of images, & how to take great photos for food blogging.

Julia Choi: (Give me) Baby One More Bite

Julia talks to us about everything she has learned during her experience as a food stylist. They say experience is the best teacher, so tune in!


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