To make things even more complicated, not getting any attention online can be dangerous…

Losing money because your competitions online presence attracts more people.


People assuming that your food can’t be that good if no one is talking about it.


No one being reminded that you exist can be thousands of dollars in free promotion lost.


I want to help you avoid these things…


Soon, you will have nothing to fear

Between my restaurant marketing tips that keep you up to date and my video production service that you can apply for, all you will have to worry about is the new hungry customers that are coming to you.

A hobby turned into a mission

When I started this website, I imagined it as a way that I could share interesting stories of people who work with food. Not because I wanted to make videos exactly, it was the stories that drew me.


I wanted to show that these chefs, restaurant owners, food truck operators and more almost always have interesting stories and work hard to feed people everyday. Rain, sleet, or snow, they are there to feed us.


Realizing the dedication that people who work in hospitality have is a part of what keeps me going. It keeps me in love with what I do to help promote their businesses. Knowing I delivered something helpful.


On this website, you’ll find helpful news & tips around restaurant marketing. You’ll also see the video work I do for restaurants, chefs, & hospitality based businesses occasionally. I am a videographer/video producer, but shooting videos that are related to food will always hold a special place in my heart.

Using my passion to your advantage

I’ve worked in the digital marketing space for about 7 years. It is something I love to keep up with and the fact that it is always changing excites me.

This deep passion means I enjoy digging through the internet for the latest and greatest articles, I just bring the best ones to you so you don’t have to sort through a bunch of junk to find the gold.

WAIT, before you go…

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